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Birthstone Stud Earrings

Treat yourself to these gorgeous Birthstone Stud Earrings. The beautiful stone studs set in silver will glitter in the light and make a great gift for someone special. Complete your style and show off your birthstone to everyone, they will definitely want a pair for themselves. Whatever the occasion, these simple yet amazing quality studs will sparkle all day and night long. You will love pairing them with your stylish heart rings and cute shell bracelets.


Birthstone Earrings (April Diamond)


Enjoy gleaming sparkles with birthstone earrings. Those born under the month of April belong to the zodiac star sign of Aries and Taurus. These people tend to be enthusiastic,... more info

Birthstone Earrings (December Blue Zircon)


Light up your look with birthstone earrings. The blue zircon is one of the many birthstones for those born in December. It is commonly associated with the star sign... more info

Birthstone Earrings (February Amethyst)


Brighten up your look with birthstone earrings. February is associated with the gemstone Amethyst, under the star signs Aquarius and Pieces. Those people born under this... more info

Birthstone Earrings (January Garnet)


Enrich your style with birthstone earrings. Those born under the month of January are Capricorn or Aquarius. People born under this month are said to be ambitious and very... more info

Birthstone Earrings (March Aquamarine)


Make a splash with birthstone earrings. Those born during this month are Pieces or Aries. These people are romantic, dreamy and generous. They are honest and reliable,... more info

Birthstone Earrings (November Golden Topaz)


Enrich your style with birthstone earrings. The month of November is associated with the star sign Scorpio. Those born under the sign Scorpio are light hearted, forgiving and... more info

Birthstone Earrings (October Rose Zircon)


Sweeten your look with brithstone earrings. The star signs that fall under October are Scorpio and Libra. Those born under this month are said to be loyal, affectionate and... more info



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